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Legion App!

Character Name: Karkat Vantas
Fandom: Homestuck
Character Journal: [personal profile] dungenessmaster
OU, AU, or OC? OU
If canon, canon point: The end of the comic
Superhero Name: The Thresh Prince

History: Let me tell you about Homestuck!

Personality: Karkat has changed a bit over the years. At his introduction as a highly insecure 13-year-old, he was snappish, antisocial, and quick with the elaborate, unpleasant metaphor. And while he’ll still awful about the metaphors, after three years of development he’s mellowed out a little and started to come into his own.

Only a little, though. It still doesn’t take that much for him to lose his temper and flip his shit. He will sometimes talk (or rant) at length about things he has a lot of feelings about. In fact, good luck shutting him up over certain topics. He finds romance (troll or otherwise) interesting, and can't get enough of godawful romcoms and trying to school his friends on the finer points of the quadrants that represent his species' various relationships. In fact, he’s so invested in the topic that it can even make him stop insulting people, often in mid-sentence, if they come to him about matters of the heart. He becomes interested, supportive, and will try his best to help them sort out their feelings.

He's also good at gathering and dispensing information. He takes no small amount of pride in his ability to get people up to speed with whatever's happening, even though he’s pretty bossy about it. He’d say he’s sworn off leader roles these days, but he still tends to fall into them at times and seems to have a knack for knowing how to push and what to say to get the most out of his team.

The irritable brashness he still carries with him is part of a fairly obvious defensive shell, as underneath the insults and bravado he's actually quite insecure. While he’s come to terms with his mutant blood and only makes token complaints about it (after all, humans bleed the exact same shade of red), he still prefers to wear and type in grey rather than his blood color, signifying his desire for anonymity. He's also on the defensive a lot because his morals and values often resemble a human's more than a troll's, which by Alternian standards was considered a weakness. Vriska of all people would know a killer instinct when she smells one, and at one point she confided to John that Karkat just doesn't have it in him. He blusters and overcompensates and tries to give the impression of violence and badassetry, and to some small extent he can back it up, but when it comes down to it he doesn't have the ability to take a life. At least not one that would matter. He was notably the only troll in a life-or-death struggle with another troll whose first response wasn't to try to kill them. In fact, over the course of the troll's game he forced these values to extend to the entire team where he could, stopping fights and pushing for more cooperation in his own cranky way.

He also catches a lot of grief for being a horrifically awful computer programmer (he likes to claim he specializes in viruses), being a fan of awful shit like romcoms and Dane Cook, and having comically nubby little horns. He can roll with those and even makes cracks about them himself in a good moment, but it’s still annoying.

Canon Powers: While Karkat does have powers related to his aspect (blood) and class (knight), they aren’t fully explained anywhere. A few characters did mention that Karkat never came into his own as a fully realized Knight of Blood anyway, so… I guess it doesn’t matter!

Game powers: I’d like to make him an empath! The ability to read emotions, pick out the real feelings hidden behind other ones, project his own feelings onto others, etc.

And if that’s not considered a super badass power, can he also have the enhanced physique? Better reflexes, the ability to jump higher, that sort of thing.

Abilities: An encyclopedic understanding of his race’s complicated system of romance, the ability to swear a blue streak without repeating himself, and I guess a higher tolerance for pain? At one point he was stabbed several times and only kinda complained about it. Trolls, man.

Setting: Karkat’s finally stopped lying to himself -- the passion is there, but he’s pretty bad at combat. He also had numerous failings as the self-proclaimed leader of the trolls, and overall he’s given up on seeing himself truly succeed as a hero, or warrior, or really any of the ways he really wanted to. A setting like this might not make him stop sucking at fights, but maybe he can learn that his real strengths lie in organization, motivation, looking after his team members, and basically being hella support.